Past Students

Most Recent Students/Projects

Sam Cartwright MS in Geology, December, 2021, “Compositional Investigation of Stratigraphic and Morphologic Units in the South Polar Ice Deposits of Mars

Victoria Auerbach, BS Geophysics, May 2020. Senior Honor’s Thesis, Analysis of the Mars Northern Seasonal Polar Cap Asymmetry in Conjunction with Recession, now in the PhD program at Scripps Institute of Oceanography / UC San Diego.

Past Graduate Students

Ryley Hill, MS Geophysics, How future hyperspectral satellite spectrometer systems can improve fractional snow-covered area and grain size, May 2018.

Gwen Davies, MS Hydrogeology, Applications of multi-season hyperspectral remote sensing for acid mine water characterization and mapping of secondary iron minerals associated with acid mine drainage, December 2015.

Betsy Littlefield, MS Geophysics, Analysis of remote sensing data for geothermal exploration over Fish Lake Valley, Esmeralda County, Nevada, December 2010.

Todd Morken, MS Geophysics, SpecTIR and SEBASS analysis of the National Mining District, Humboldt County, Nevada, December 2010.

Shane Thompson, MS Geology, Spectral diversity of exposed materials at Meridiani Planum, Mars, via Pancam aboard the Mars Exploration Rover, Opportunity, December 2010.

Jill Pocock, MS Geophysics, Factors Influencing the location of sustained cold, bright spots in the north residual cap of Mars, December 2007.

Tom Prescott, M.S. Geology Estimating temporal and spatial variations in water clarity at Lake Tahoe, California-Nevada using ASTER multi-spectral remote sensing data, August 2006.

Chris Kratt, M.S. Geology Geothermal Exploration with Remote Sensing from 0.45 – 2.5 μm over Brady-Desert Peak, Churchill County, Nevada. May 2005. Awarded Outstanding MS Candidate in Geology 2005.

Greg Vaughan, Ph.D. Geology Surface Mineral Mapping at Virginia City and Steamboat Springs, Nevada with Multi-Wavelength Infrared Remote Sensing Image Data, August 2004. Awarded Outstanding PhD Candidate in Geology 2003.

Alicia Fallacaro, M.S. Geology Spectral and Chemical Characteristics of Lake Superior Banded Iron Formation: Analog for Martian Hematite Outcrops, December 2003.

Committees with significant involvement

Amanda Tate, MS Geology, Monitoring of Soil Salinity: A Laboratory Assessment of Soil-Water Ratios, In-Situ Sensors, and Spectroscopy, May 2020

Danielle Molissee, MS Geology, Structural Constraints of Buffalo Valley Hot Springs and Proximal Young Volcanics, North-Central Nevada, Aug 2015

Tim Cramer, MS Geology, Using Landsat ETM+ and ASTER Sensors to Aid the Mineral Assessment of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge, Clark and Lincoln Counties, Nevada, Aug 2014

Paul Schwering, MS Geophysics, Geophysical Modeling of the Dixie Meadows Geothermal Prospect: Dual Analysis of Gravity and Magnetic Data towards Identifying Structural Controls, May 2013

Jonathan Payne, MS Geology, Characterization of a blind geothermal prospect through LiDAR analysis and shallow temperature survey, Gabbs Valley, Nye and Mineral Co., NV, May 2013

Zan Aslett, PhD Geophysics, Evaluation of multi-scale hyperspectral reflectance and emittance image data for remote mineral mapping in northeastern Death Valley National Park, California and Oasis Valley, Nevada, May 2010

Sherwin Gormley, PhD Civil Engineering, Development of a psychrophilic, halophilic, SRB biomass production digester as a tool for Europan Astrobiology research. May 2005

Amer Smailbegovic, PhD Geophysics, Structural and lithologic constraints to mineralization in Aurora, Nevada and Bodie, California Mining Districts, observed with aerospace geophysical data. 2002