My research focuses on the spectral properties of ices and minerals throughout the solar system. I have been involved with several major discoveries from ground-based telescopes, orbiting satellites and landed rovers. Some of the most cited works are noted here. A full list of publications is available on a separate page.

ORCID 0000-0002-6097-9586

Current  Student Projects

Mohammad Sadrian – PhD Candidate in Atmospheric Sciences (MS from Univ of Tehran), “Dust Particle Mineral Properties and Optical Constants for use in Radiative Transfer Models”

Pooja Sheevam PhD Candidate in Geology (BS from Univ Colorado- Boulder), “Understanding Volcanic and Alteration Facies of Hawaiian Drill Cores: A Promising Analog for Subsurface Water and Clay Mineral Formation During Early Martian History”

Current Funding

NASA – Mars Data Analysis Program – “Compositional Investigation of Major Stratigraphic Units of the South Polar Residual Cap”  Fall 2018 to Fall 2022. In collaboration with Kim Seelos and Frank Seelos at APL and Peter Thomas at Cornell.

NASA – Solar System Workings – “Mineralogy of Hawaiian Shield Volcano Drill Core: Implications for Surface and Subsurface Aqueous History on Mars” Fall 2018 to Fall 2022.  In collaboration with Bethany Ehlmann at Caltech and Tom Bristow at NASA Ames.

Unfunded Team Affiliations

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter – MARCI/CTX cameras and CRISM science teams.

Mars Exploration Rover Mission Science Team – Mission Completed 2019.