My research focuses on the spectral properties of ices and minerals throughout the solar system. I have been involved with several major discoveries from ground-based telescopes, orbiting satellites and landed rovers. Some of the most cited works are noted here. A full list of publications is available on a separate page.

Current Graduate Student Projects

Neil Pearson- Spectral variation across the Mono-Inyo craters chain, weathering of a young volcanic system.

Ryley Hill – Using AVIRIS to map snow extent and grain size across the entire Sierra Nevada.

Current Funding

Mars Exploration Rover Mission Participating Scientist Program – Still driving Opportunity after all these years.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter – MARCI/CTX cameras science team.

Recently Funded

NASA – HyspIRI Preparatory Activities, Energy and Mineral Resources: Surface composition mapping that identifies resources and the changes and impacts associated with their development. Oct 2012 through Sept 2016

DOE – FORGE – Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy- Fallon, NV and Coso, CA. Aug 2015 through Sept 2016