Committee Reports

Recent NASA and National Academy Reports resulting from Committees or Teams

Jakosky, B. M., et al. (2020). Mars Architecture Strategy Working Group (MASWG),
Mars, the Nearest Habitable World—A Comprehensive Program for Future Mars Exploration. NASA Final Report 2020.pdf

Calvin, W.M., Putzig, N.E., Matousek, S., and the MORIE Team, 2020. MORIE: Mars Orbiter for Resources, Ices, and Environments. A Planetary Mission Concept Study Report for the NASA Planetary Science Decadal Survey for the decade 2023-2032. Report posted September 2020 at

NASA Planteary Protection Independent Review Board (PPIRB) Report to NASA/Science Mission Directorate, 2019. 48 pages posted at:

MEPAG ICE-SAG Final Report (2019), Report from the Ice and Climate Evolution Science Analysis group (ICE-SAG), Chaired by S. Diniega and N. E. Putzig, 157 pages posted July 2019, by the Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group (MEPAG) at