GEOL 470/670 Planetary Geology– An introduction to the origin and evolution of the solar system and the geological and geophysical processes that shape the solid planets and small bodies. (Spring odd years)

GPH 455/655 – Geophysics and Geodynamics- The course explores the structure, composition and evolution of the planet earth, using mathematical description to study global properties of gravity, rotation and figure, seismicity, seismic wave propagation and interior structure, internal heat and the Earth’s tectonic engine, the magnetic dynamo, and resulting magnetic field.  Co-taught with faculty in the Nevada Seismology Lab and the Nevada Geodetic Lab. (Fall Even Years)

GEOL 407/607 Earth Resources and Energy – The purpose of this course is to offer a geological perspective on Earth’s energy resources and the impact of their extraction and use on society and the environment. The course will introduce the geology, occurrence, production, and use of fossil fuels, water resources and their relationship to hydroelectric power and geothermal resources, other renewable resources including solar and wind, and uranium resources.  Co-taught with Dr. Bridget Ayling, Director of the Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy (every 2-3 years)

GEOL 767 Advanced Optical and Infrared Remote Sensing Techniques – Emphasis is placed on understanding the physical and chemical causes of absorption in surface materials: minerals, vegetation, water, snow and ice and how these can be used in advanced analysis of imaging spectrometer and modern “super spectral” satellite data sets. (every 2-3 years)